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Glass and Wire Gallery


In 1977 I was working in a stained glass studio and experimenting with mixed media sculpture on the side. I had a geode that someone gave me and it looked like a fish filet. I had some wire so I fashioned what I thought looked like a fish and used the geode for the fish body.
At some point, I got the bright idea to use stained glass to create glass and wire sculptures. It was a eureka moment.


I found a smaller gauge of aluminum wire and started making a smaller version of the fish wire sculptures. Some like them large and some like them small, so the best option is to make all sizes and all possible color combinations.

View the printable GWG flyer:


I have always admired mobiles.
I like the way they move in the slightest breeze and provide hours of entertainment without batteries or high technology.

View the mobile collections:


One day I was cutting some aluminum and one of the pieces reminded me of a plant leaf. The next thing you know I found a glass plant container at an antique store and plants for purple thumb people was born.

View the desk plant collections:

Again, Let me know if you see anything you like: