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Harvard University (Harvard GSD) – Masters in Landscape Architecture, Graduate School of Design (GSD-MLAII), Class of 1985.

Louisiana State University (LSU Design) – Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, College of Design (END), Class of 1977.

   Experience: [chronological]

State of Texas – Area Greenhand Farmer, Future Farmers of America, McGregor, TX – [1964].

McGregor High School – Graduate – McGregor, TX – [Class of 1966]

Wilson’s Auto and Radiator, McGregor, TX – Automobile, truck, and farm equipment mechanic, radiator repair specialist – [1965-1968].

Military Service – United States Army Signal Corps – Basic Training – Ft Bliss, El Paso, TX; U.S. Army Communication Electronics School, Fort Monmouth, NJ , Fixed Plant Carrier Repair [MOS 32e20], Zulu Company Honor Guard; 592nd Signal Corp, Berlin, West Germany, Tropospheric Scatter Communications [MOS 26L20], Communication Specialist – Site Supervisor – [1968-1971].

U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service, Rolla MO – Landscape Architect, Recreation and Multi-Resource Manager. Projects include – Highway 142 River Access, Turtle Island, and The Ridge Runner Trail, [more] – [1978-1983].

SWA Group – Landscape Architects and Planners, Boston, MA – Landscape Architect, Land and Terrain Analyst, Construction Supervisor, Project Photographer. Projects include the Tanner Fountain – Harvard University Campus, The Disney Corporation of California, Amerifirst Development Corporation of Florida, Bixby Corporation of California, and Howard Hughes Development of Nevada – [1984-1986].

Earth Resources Data Analysis Systems – ERDAS, Atlanta, GA – Computer Image Processing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Methods and Applications Specialist. IP/GIS training for professionals domestically and internationally [for example] Tel Aviv, Israel; Kathmandu, Nepal; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, [more] – [1987-1988].

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA – Assistant Professor of Applied Technology, Regional Planning, and Urban Design, College of Design, School of Landscape Architecture – Senior Undergraduates and Senior Graduates – [1988-1992].

Paul Charles Construction Company, Whitney, TX – Explosives Consultant, Quarry rock drilling, rock removal for residential and commercial building foundations, stock tank and lake shaping, rock crushing, sources for construction materials exploration – [1996-1999].

Fehler Consulting – Community Planning, Geographic Information Systems, Image Processing, and Internet Applications. Consultant to Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc. (HoK), Page Southerland Page (PSP), and Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI). Continuing Education online course offerings at Baylor University, Waco, Texas, and the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, [more] – [1992-1999].

ESRI Professional Services, Redlands, CA – Consultant, User Interface Designer, [GUI], Clients include – American Geographical Society, Bureau of Land Management, Chugach National Forest – Management Plan, and the National Park Service, [many more] – [1999-2004].

Dennis Fehler Consulting – Environmental Planning and Education, Resource Management, Community Planning, Mineral Exploration, Geographic Information Systems [GIS], Satellite Image Processing, Software Architecture, Software Development, and Internet Applications, [more] – [2004 to date].

If you need help contact me.

Dennis Fehler
118-B South Main Street
McGregor, Texas 76657
(254) 723-8318

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“Test drive” some of The Bad Seeds original music. Choose from any of the 16 Tracks.

The Parlor Gallery

I create hand-painted earrings featuring modern colors that compliment your current fashions.

The Parlor Gallery - Online

The Parlor Gallery – Online contains a collection of unique sculptures made of metal, wire, and stained glass.

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The Parlor is located in a portion of the original Sam Amsler and Company Lumberyard Building in McGregor, Texas.

The City of McGregor

The Issues: Expensive City Services | Third World City Streets | Mounting City Debt | Debt and Debt Service | City Salaries Wages and Benefits | The Exchange