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Dennis Fehler has over 40 years of diversified professional “land and water” related experiences in residential and commercial design, environmental design and planning, large and small scale project management, terrain analysis, field construction, contract documentation, Geographic Information Systems, (GIS), Satellite Image Processing, and multi-resource analysis and management.

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I create hand-painted earrings featuring modern colors that compliment your current fashions.

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The Parlor Gallery – Online contains a collection of unique sculptures made of metal, wire, and stained glass.

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The Parlor is located in a portion of the original Sam Amsler and Company Lumberyard Building in McGregor, Texas.

The City of McGregor

The Issues: Expensive City Services | Third World City Streets | Mounting City Debt | Debt and Debt Service | City Salaries Wages and Benefits | The Exchange
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Harvard University (Harvard GSD) – Masters in Landscape Architecture, Graduate School of Design (GSD-MLAII), Class of 1985.

Louisiana State University (LSU Design) – Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, College of Design (END), Class of 1977.

   Experience: [chronological]

State of Texas – Area Greenhand Farmer, Future Farmers of America, McGregor, TX – [1964].

McGregor High School – Graduate – McGregor, TX – [Class of 1966]

Wilson’s Auto and Radiator, McGregor, TX – Automobile, truck, and farm equipment mechanic, radiator repair specialist – [1965-1968].

Military Service – United States Army Signal Corps – Basic Training – Ft Bliss, El Paso, TX; U.S. Army Communication Electronics School, Fort Monmouth, NJ , Fixed Plant Carrier Repair [MOS 32e20], Zulu Company Honor Guard; 592nd Signal Corp, Berlin, West Germany, Tropospheric Scatter Communications [MOS 26L20], Communication Specialist – Site Supervisor – [1968-1971].

U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service, Rolla MO – Landscape Architect, Recreation and Multi-Resource Manager. Projects include – Highway 142 River Access, Turtle Island, and The Ridge Runner Trail, [more] – [1978-1983].

SWA Group – Landscape Architects and Planners, Boston, MA – Landscape Architect, Land and Terrain Analyst, Construction Supervisor, Project Photographer. Projects include the Tanner Fountain – Harvard University Campus, The Disney Corporation of California, Amerifirst Development Corporation of Florida, Bixby Corporation of California, and Howard Hughes Development of Nevada – [1984-1986].

Earth Resources Data Analysis Systems – ERDAS, Atlanta, GA – Computer Image Processing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Methods and Applications Specialist. IP/GIS training for professionals domestically and internationally [for example] Tel Aviv, Israel; Kathmandu, Nepal; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, [more] – [1987-1988].

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA – Assistant Professor of Applied Technology, Regional Planning, and Urban Design, College of Design, School of Landscape Architecture – Senior Undergraduates and Senior Graduates – [1988-1992].

Paul Charles Construction Company, Whitney, TX – Explosives Consultant, Quarry rock drilling, rock removal for residential and commercial building foundations, stock tank and lake shaping, rock crushing, sources for construction materials exploration – [1996-1999].

Fehler Consulting – Community Planning, Geographic Information Systems, Image Processing, and Internet Applications. Consultant to Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc. (HoK), Page Southerland Page (PSP), and Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI). Continuing Education online course offerings at Baylor University, Waco, Texas, and the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, [more] – [1992-1999].

ESRI Professional Services, Redlands, CA – Consultant, User Interface Designer, [GUI], Clients include – American Geographical Society, Bureau of Land Management, Chugach National Forest – Management Plan, and the National Park Service, [many more] – [1999-2004].

Dennis Fehler Consulting – Environmental Planning and Education, Resource Management, Community Planning, Mineral Exploration, Geographic Information Systems [GIS], Satellite Image Processing, Software Architecture, Software Development, and Internet Applications, [more] – [2004 to date].

If you need help contact me.

Dennis Fehler
118-B South Main Street
McGregor, Texas 76657
(254) 723-8318