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We are having several [same-day] SpaceX meetings
Thursday, April 20th, 2023.

The SpaceX-focused meetings will be at Milano’s.
305 S. Main Street in McGregor, Texas

  1. There will be a “Planning Meeting” – [with core people] – at 10:30 am.
  2. There is a first public meeting at 1:00 pm for people that are not working and are available. [Depending on the need – we may have a few more meetings so we are not too crowded].
  3. There will be a later meeting at 6:30 pm for everyone not available earlier.

We are inviting specific people that I know want to talk about SpaceX. 

We are specifically looking for people that have “property damage” caused by SpaceX engine testing. 

The meetings are not exclusive – please come and bring someone that might benefit.

An attorney friend is coming to help us all day Thursday. Jamison and I have been working with a few others to construct the agenda containing the useful and practical potential solutions and action items to be presented to the City of McGregor and SpaceX for their consideration.

I need your support – specifically regarding the McGregor City Council Elections.  I am working hard toward being elected for the At-Large City Council position on May 6th, 2023.  If elected there is a strong possibility that working through the City – SpaceX changes could occur.  If I fail in the City election there is very little possibility that the City of McGregor or SpaceX would cooperate with any individual or group.

I am certain you all understand my point.

Let me know “if you are coming” and “what time you prefer.”

If you are coming the following is a 5-point agenda with more detailed information.

Come to the meeting if you are able.  [It is important].

Dennis Fehler

We are proposing to the City of McGregor and SpaceX investigate and make these changes:

1)  Investigate Contaminated Dust Created by SpaceX Engine Testing.

a) Determine the “chain of custody” of the previous occupants of the Industrial Park.
b) Require a team of “Blue Ribbon Experts” to Determine and Monitor – [Taxpayer Choice].
c) “Publish all findings” and provide “detailed summaries” [in terms Taxpayers can easily understand].

2)  Investigate the Elimination of the SpaceX Horizontal Engine Testing.

a) Stop SpaceX Horizontal Engine testing – Now.
b) Reference 1): Determine potential “dust contamination” – [Health and Safety Hazard].
c) Use “best practices” to lower all “noise and vibration” to an acceptable standard.

3)  Investigate SpaceX Related Property Damage due to Engine Testing.

a) Find all individuals with “property damage” in the McGregor/Oglesby area.
b) Require 3rd Party assessments of all damages.
c) If damages are found – payments for damages are retroactive – [with interest and inflation].

4)  Require Third Party Testing Instruments for Noise and Vibration and Chemical Contamination and/or Environmental Damage in the McGregor Industrial Park – Area.

a) Reference 1a) – Require  “Blue Ribbon Experts” to determine and monitor testing.
b) Use the best Science to determine what is appropriate environmentally.
c) Publish all ongoing work and provide “detailed summaries” [in terms Taxpayers can easily understand].

5)  Propose Updates to the SpaceX Contract with the City of McGregor.

a) The City of McGregor needs a “new contract” with SpaceX.
b) Better “environmental TESTING” — [EPA – TCEQ – Fish and Wildlife etc].
c) More “appropriate terms” for the SpaceX land lease with the City of McGregor.
d) Require SpaceX to better utilize McGregor Resources by insisting on all employees patronizing our Food, Banking, and our Local Labor Pool – [more].

We are working basically alone on this.  We have no support staff.  We need your help and your support specifically regarding the City Council Elections and the listed Action Items.

Help us where you can. 

Dennis Fehler

SpaceX has moved potentially contaminated earth and has used it as a noise barrier for both of its horizontal engine testing stands.  Notice that one of the engine test stands is aimed directly at McGregor.  


Notice the earth “barrier” has been destroyed by the Raptor II engine testing.  That potentially contaminated soil is now airborn for us to breathe.


Here is a picture of Mayor Hering and Frank Leos with the clear message that after the Industrial plants were closed the $20 + million dollar remediation project removed  4, 500 + pounds of Ammonium Perchlorate.  The question that needs answering is where did all the Perchlorate go before the Navy started to capture the contamination?


Before the McGregor Industrial Park remediation to remove the contamination – where did the Perchlorate contamination go? Into our drinking water – BOTH – Lake Belton where McGregor’s Bluebonnet Water Supply gets water, and Lake Waco, where Waco get’s its drinking water.