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Turtle Island is a river access only (float) camp located along the Eleven Point National Scenic River.  The challenge of the project was to design a boat docking facility that provided river users access to the hill top camping facilities.  The "steepness" of the hillside limited construction options.  A solution was found that used the diagonal alignment to increase step "run" distance and allow an appropriate step tread "rise."  The result is a graceful travel way that can integrate with difficult topography, reflect the existing ground character, and use low impact site construction techniques.  

Specialized footing brackets allow precision alignment of each step along the rocky Missouri hillside.  The site impact is low because most of the construction is done in the step path, and only the "serrated" step edges need to be shaped and seeded with native grasses.  The step alignment technique was featured on the cover of The National Park Service, "Park Practice Design", Fall,1980. 

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