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The web press release from ERDAS (that doesn't live on their server anymore) explains the Fuga project and puts in a few plugs for ERDAS Imagine.  Below is a movie containing the solution GIS composite maps.  Yes, it is a large file, (but interesting) if you have the time to download it.

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Design Firm Receives Award for Environmental Planning with ERDAS IMAGINE Software

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, July 1996 -- HOK (Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc.), the largest architecture and planning firm in the United States, received an Award of Merit from the American Society of Landscape Architects for an environmental suitability analysis carried out using ERDAS IMAGINE software.   

HOK's Houston, Texas, office received the prestigious award in recognition of a comprehensive land development study of the remote Fuga Island in the Philippines. The 45-square mile, sparsely populated island is being considered for development as a major urban, industrial and entertainment center at the gateway to the Pacific Rim.   

"The Fuga Island project is an excellent example of how ImagingGIS software can be used in many stages of the strategic land planning process," said ERDAS Inc. President Lawrie E. Jordan, III. "ImagingGIS is rapidly becoming a standard tool among landscape architects and developers."   

Planning experts at HOK used the ERDAS ImagingGIS software to integrate SPOT satellite imagery and digital terrain model (DTM) data with several other geographic data sets, some collected via the Internet, to determine exactly which parts of the island were suitable for development as urban, industrial, resort or residential sites. HOK created the DTMs from 30-year-old U.S. Defense Mapping Agency topographic maps using the IMAGINE OrthoMAX module.   

"In three weeks, we were able to accurately derive 15 layers of land cover information and conduct numerous environmental suitability queries using the combination of ERDAS IMAGINE software and SPOT and DTM data," said HOK Associate, Chris Smith. "When we went to Fuga for further study, it was as if we had already been there."   

In the inventory stage of the planning process, Smith's team used ERDAS IMAGINE to perform a land cover classification of the SPOT multispectral imagery. These land categories included sensitive woodlands, agriculture, rock outcrops, beaches, roads and streams. The DEM data was then introduced to categorize the land areas by their slopes and elevation -- information critical for flood assessment.   

During the analysis phase of the project, HOK utilized GIS functions in ERDAS IMAGINE software to determine which land areas on the island would be most suitable for various types of development. The software's Spatial Modeler was used to combine the land cover, slope, elevation and other data to perform queries and statistical analysis based on suitability parameters input by the HOK technicians.   

For instance, planning an airport for the island required a large land area relatively free of trees, a slope of less than five percent, and an elevation that minimized flood danger. Based on these user inputs, the Spatial Modeler found all areas of the island that satisfied those parameters and then located contiguous areas large enough to support construction of the airport. Similar queries were conducted for industrial, resort and residential sites.   

"The Spatial Modeler is a powerful function because it allows the user to add weight to certain factors that may be more important in the query," said Smith. "For instance, avoidance of woodlands was always a concern for environmental reasons, so that factor could be weighted more heavily than others."   

After the remote analysis with satellite imagery and DTMs, the HOK team traveled to the island and surveyed it from aircraft, boat and on horseback. At every level of study, HOK was able to incorporate new information into their database to fine tune its development analysis. In the final video presentation to Mr. Tanyu, Fuga's owner and well known Philippine businessman, HOK accounted for development or preservation of nearly every acre of the island, which someday will be home to three million people.   

ERDAS Inc., an international leader in ImagingGIS since 1978, provides highly customizable, easy-to-learn and use software and world-class customer support to thousands of professionals in 95 countries in oil/gas/mineral exploration, natural resources management, urban and regional planning, environmental monitoring, forestry, academia, engineering, telecommunications, utilities, cartography, oceanography, meteorology, hydrology, epidemiology and military applications.   

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