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Multi Spectral Scanner (MSS) Image
A great deal of information is available from satellites circling the earth.  The data is effectively a digital image of the portion of the earth within the study area.    This portion of the database is available to students that wish to develop their Image Processing skills.  This multi spectral, infra-red image shows forested areas in red.  Developed (urban) areas in pink, water (with suspended sediment) in light aqua, and bare ground (and concrete) as white in color. 

The area is equal to the Forest Hill, 7.5 minute quadmap. 

Large map example

The satellite sensor(s) is tuned to the infra red spectrum, meaning the green chlorophyl of plants is displayed as a red color in the image.  The white color is bare ground (quarries) and the blue green color is often water. (some bare earth).  You can see from the image the study area is mostly tree covered.  

The satellite data has been spatially corrected and will register (overlay) with the entire Teaching Database.  

Here are some examples that "overlay" the Geographic Information System (GIS) maps with the satellite image:  

Teaching Database MSS Image  

A larger Area View is available. 
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