The  EARTHUSE Geographic Database
A Guide to the Theory and Application of GIS and Environmental Planning 
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The electronic database is a comprehensive set of geographic maps that are precisely registered to common earth latitude and longitude coordinates.  The maps cover an area equal to a USGS 1:24000 Quad map.  (1"=2000 feet).  The area a portion of the Kisatchie National Forest.  The Quad name is Forest Hill, LA. 
Land Capability 

The thematic maps are primarily configured to answer the environmental question: "can" the land sustain the use that is proposed.

Landuse Suitability 

The (proximity) data maps are constructed to reflect the social question: "should" a particular landuse be located in the proposed location(s).

These maps are a model for creating your own thematic maps using information from your local area.  Remember..., Each map contains a piece of the environmental puzzle, and it is up to you (and your judgment) to select, combine, modify, and enhance this basic information, then provide "the best" (land and water) use alternatives possible with the given data. 

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