Landuse Planning Alternatives

  Groups represented government and private agencies closely emulating what they believed to be the best development strategies.  The study area is approximately 20 miles (square) surrounding the town of Gainesville, GA.  (located just south and west of the image center).  Landuse alternatives were offered by the 5 different (and often opposing) special interest groups.  Each group was required to organize and offer a landuse solutions that best represent the preferences of that group.

Legend:  (Landuse recommenations are coded using this color scheme).
D. Green
Highly desirable areas, land most desirable for residential, or commercial landuses.
Desirable for residential and commercial landuses.
Acceptable for residential or commercial landuses. (There may be local limitations)
Not Acceptable for residential and commercial landuses.
Not Available for development.  Examples: roads, streams, lakes, and developed land)

Absolutely against building in the natural environment. 

Notice the yellow (not acceptable) areas adjacent to streams and lakes. The group recommends development occur near existing development close to the existing town of Gainesville, GA.

Against Development but will allow some community growth. 

Group prefers that development occur (at lower densities) in approximation with the existing undeveloped natural appearing areas.  The group prefers not to develop in the existing incorporated (town) area.

Responsible for creating community growth. 

The planning group prefered clusters of moderate to high density development at an appropriate distance from lakes and streams.

Multi-Resource Managers 
Advocates greatest enjoyment for maximum people.
Build it, Build it, Build it! 

The Developers prefer large and numerous clusters of land that is very often in close proximity or within existing natural features and or resources.

The group "composite" solution...,  

The solutions for "appropriate developments" were displayed and debated (group by group) but no single group could persuade the other groups their solution was "the best."  The groups negotiated, organized, and proposed the appropriate "blend" of all group solutions, (right).  In reality, (more than often) a combination of landuse options offers the "best" (or most acceptable) solutions.

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