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The City of Cedar Park is in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Cedar Park is located about 10 miles West of Round Rock, TX, North of Austin, TX, and just East of the Northern most part of Lake Travis. To find Cedar Park..., look for the intersection of FM 1431 and US 183 in the center of the Regional Map.  The image is a small "portion" of the Official Texas Department of Public Safety Highway Map.  The area shown is approximately seventy miles (East to West). Today's mapping specialist can visually determine the location of "land surface features" quickly and easily by using high resolution multi-spectural satellites.
Until recently..., the bulk of Community Planning (and mapping) was on "paper" maps.   Paper is useful, but the necessity to "print" multiple copies, and the need for constant updating had made"digital mapping" more popular.  Map makers can use "historical" area maps, incorporate existing "paper" and "digital" maps, and then create maps of "proposed land uses" and land use "strategies" for local goverment and private use.  

There are several hundred active Satellites orbiting the Earth. Some of the Satellite's on board sensors are for Imaging the Earth.  That is... taking "pictures" of the Earth's surface and then relaying the Images to Ground Stations where the Satellite Images are enhanced and prepared for use by Remote Sensing Specialists. 

The image of Cedar Park as seen from space (left) is a computer enhanced image that is "reformated" and "coordinated" with the Latitude and Longitude coordinates provided by the U.S.G.S,  7.5 minute Quad Maps.  The process of "rectifying" the satellite image gives the image useful "location" Global Position Satellite (GPS) coordinates.  

One can literally draw with "map accuracy" on a satellite image that was taken 600 miles in space.


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