Dynamite Guy

We stood in the emergency spillway of a small private lake near Eulogy, Texas.  The land owner asked us if we could put a waterfall "about here".  We said yes.  

The project started Tuesday morning early, (March 17th, 1998) with a few conceptual sketches on a napkin and a few "paint dots" on the rock face.  By Wednesday at sunset, the blasting phase was completed.  The heavy construction crew kept excavating until the waterfall was complete on April 4th, 1998.  

  The first thing we had to do as locate the new stream channel and the "central point" of the waterfall. From that reference, we painted the bore hole pattern on the ground.  

Our calculations told us we needed about 15 feet of hole spacing, and because we were drilling on two small plateaus, the bore hole depths varied.   

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